Worth Mentioning – Weekend of October 28

Even though there was no show this week, we still compiled potential topics. Here is a run down of the various topics, including the raw notes from us. Every week we try to include some interesting pop culture information along with some heavier topics that impact Christians in our world today and then later polish them into the show notes before broadcast.

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Quick Takes:
    • Since we discussed the controversy at Wheaton involving professor Larycia Hawkins, it seems like a good idea to mention that the trustees have released their final report of the situation and included 9 recommendations and several prayers moving forward. Also, someone (*cough Jay *cough*) made an excellent documentary about the Insider Movement, partially addressing the question of whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.
    • It’s now been a decade since Colin Hansen wrote his now-famous article defining the Young, Restless, and Reformed (YRR) movement, also called “New Calvinism”. What do we think? Has it been a good thing for Christianity overall? Is it a passing fad?
    • Hacksaw Ridge hits theaters next week. This is the first directorial movie for Mel Gibson for a while and is centered around the true story of the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Critics and early audiences have been loving it. Anyone going to see it?




Longer Topics:
  • Election – BIG news just dropped from the FBI. Director Comey is re-investigating some emails that relate to her case, basically “re-opening” the issue of her emails. This comes just 11 days before the election. What’s going on? Is this enough to sway voters? If she’s elected, could this potentially lead to impeachment?


  • Women’s teacher, blogger, and Evangelical darling Jen Hatmaker gave some controversial answers in a recent interview with the Religious News Service. Among other things, she expressed support of gay marriage. As a result, LifeWay announced that they will no longer sell her books on their shelves. She’s drawn a lot of ire from the right and a lot of praise from the left. Hatmaker has a MASSIVE following on social media and has headlined major women’s conferences across the US. Will her statements create problems with her book sales or do you think this is someone who will lead other women to question the traditional view of marriage?Incidentally, this is how I picture her husband’s response was last night:

    via GIPHY
  • Something we’ll probably talk about at length next week but I think is worth introducing a bit atm is the Colorado bill, Proposition 106, that is being considered. It’s a bill before the electorate to allow assisted suicide in the state but has drawn a lot of criticism for potentially disproportionately affecting African Americans and not having the proper safe guards in place. If you’re remotely prolife this should be a concern to you.  The Denver Post Editorial Board even said, “Proposition 106 would entice insurers to drop expensive treatments for terminal patients even when medical advances might add months or years more to a life that a patient may wish to take.”

In closing, I hope everyone has a happy Halloween and happy Reformation Day!

Here’s some closing comedy for you, i.e. David S. Pumpkins:

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