Here is a run down of the various topics we considered for the show, including the raw notes from us. Every week we try to include some interesting pop culture information along with some heavier topics that impact Christians in our world today and then later polish them into the show notes before broadcast.

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  • Netflix released their Gilmore Girls 4-part reboot the day after Thanksgiving to praise from fans of the original and ire from critics not-to-fond of Rory’s failure to launch. Rory has been skewered in major publications.My question: It seems like many who come to the defense of stunted Millennial’s have less patience with Rory. Why? (Personally, I thought the ending was very realistic given her upbringing even though it went against the optimist in me who thought she’d do well because she had been given so many good opportunities)

    IMO, this article summarizes the issues well.

  • That Dragon, Cancer took home the award for Games for Impact at the The Game Awards. Ryan Green’s acceptance speech (namely the last minute or so) was moving.

    If you’ve not checked out this game or read anything about this family’s story, it’s worth checking out this interview they did.


  • They just released a trailer for The Shack. Coming in March of next year.
    • Ding Dong the Dictator is Dead – Castro died on November 25 to an odd mixture of rejoicing from those who had lived under his oppressive regime and accolades for being “remarkable” and a leader “who served his people for almost half a century.” (Insert eye roll here) Is the West suddenly cool with dictators who imprison and kill political opponents and Christians? Will Cuba see liberty soon?
      Hadley has written on Cuba’s lauded healthcare system…

  • Iraqi Christians are returning to their villages destroyed by ISIS. This video, yo.
    •  The CDC has a new report out that shows abortion numbers are at an all-time low. There’s some debate about why this is happening. Is it stricter state abortion laws, access to ultrasounds, and changing opinions about abortion? Greater access to birth control and broader sex ed?

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