Join Christian theologian Dr. Brian Mattson and film and media producer Jay Friesen as they discuss how Christianity intersects with the culture we encounter every day. Dead Reckoning is a weekly, edgy, relevant, hip, funny, satirical, thought-provoking, and otherwise seriously entertaining TV show* exploring how the Christian faith is good for you, for society, and for the entire universe. *(yes, we really do think a lot of our show)

Jay Friesen & Brian Mattson | Hosts

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Current Episodes

S5E9: “Bake Them Two, Bobby Bob! & Casey Luskin: Bill Nye, Undeniable, and Intelligent Design”

S5E8: “Hoosier Hysteria, Redlines, Deadlines, Going Clear & Joe Carter: Religion as the First Freedom”

S5E7: (Above the Paygrade Only) – “John J. Thompson: Jesus, Bread and Chocolate”

S5E6: “Missing Dictators, Crooked Cops, Evicted Churches & Brian Ivie: The Dropbox and Transforming Grace”

S5E5: “Hillaryous, Planet Fitness, and Miracles & Dan Merchant: Jesus and Zombies”

S5E4: “Eyesight, Insight, and Foresight & ND Wilson: It’s a Magical World”

S5E3: “We Will Not Be Lost” & Wesley J. Smith: “Legal Suicide, Cultural Suicide”

S5E2: “Fog of War, Shades of Grey” & Katy Faust, “Speaking The Truth in Love”

S5E1: Football and American Sniper. Ryan Anderson: What Is Marriage and Why Does It Matter?

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