DR Radio: To Kneel or Not To Kneel

DR Radio Recorded on Sept 26, 2017
In this edition of DR Radio, Jay, Brian, and Hadley look at the NFL kneeling kerfuffle, the chaos in Puerto Rico, and the stunning court case regarding the rights of Christians.

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Quick Takes

• Relief Concert! – Brian, last week you mentioned that you were playing a benefit concert for wildfire relief. How did it go?

• Jimmy Kimmel, M.D.  – Another Republican attempt to change Obamacare has gone down in flames, with the help of late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel used the bully pulpit of his show to shame the Graham-Cassidy bill. Hadley, was he right? Wrong? Confused? Help us out!

• Puerto Rico – Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico last weekend. The entire electrical grid is still offline, and there are huge shortages of drinking water. Nobody knows this because of our own obvious national crisis: some football players knelt during the national anthem. But seriously, Puerto Rico needs our prayers and our help. How can we help?

• Church Shooting – On Sunday a gunman opened fire at Burnett Chapel Church of Christ near Nashville, killing one and injuring several others. Caleb Engle, a 22-year-old usher, fought the gunman and held him with his own weapon until authorities arrived. Not much is known about the gunman, except that he immigrated to the United States from Sudan twenty years ago.

• Call Jane – Last show we told you where you could order up a comic book anthology designed to inspire you to love Planned Parenthood. Now Hollywood has a movie designed to do the same. Call Jane is a film about abortion before Roe v. Wade: you know, all the “back alley” stuff. Planned Parenthood gets a lot of love, for a hyper-controversial organization.

• Burma Genocide – There is a genocide taking place in Burma. A minority Muslim sect called the Rohinga are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands, as they face brutality from the majority Buddhist nation. The irony is that Burma is now led by Aung San Suu Kyi, a former leader who spent 20 years under house arrest and became a major cause celebre for… wait for it… Amnesty International.

• Nabeel Qureshi – Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi went to be with the Lord last weekend. Growing up a devout Muslim, he spent years studying and defending Islamic belief. One day he saw a young Christian man reading his Bible, so Nabeel challenged him. Thus began a years-long relationship, search for truth, which led to his conversion to Christ, years of serious academic study, two books on Christianity and Islam, and worldwide teaching for Ravi Zacharias Ministries. He lost his battle with an aggressive form of stomach cancer at the age of 34, and is survived by his wife and young daughter. A brief life, but he shined as bright as a star. He will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace.

Segment One: Get Up Off Your Knees!

Unless you’ve been hiding in a single-room cabin in Lincoln, Montana without Internet, television, or a cell phone, you know that our nation is locked in a momentous and critical battle: should professional football players stand at attention during the national anthem?

It all began, of course, with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in protest against police brutality. He was widely shunned and, arguably, lost his livelihood. Now other players have begun protesting in solidarity, and the President of the United States decided to be his unifying, calming self by Tweeting that all the players should be fired.

It all seems incredibly silly, but cultural flash-points generally are incredibly silly. This issue (to kneel or not to kneel) is a “stand in” for a whole host of issues, not the least of which is the original protest. Is there a systemic problem in law enforcement? Is kneeling inherently disrespectful of the military? Insufficient patriotism? So let’s tease it out.

Hadley, Brian, what do you make of all this? Where are your sympathies?

[What do you think about:
The protest.
Law enforcement.
The national anthem.
Civil religion.
POTUS Tweeting.
Firing players?
Etc., etc.]

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Segment Two: Living Your Faith Freely

Every single show you hear from our sponsors, the Alliance Defending Freedom. Every single week we highlight their mission: to protect your right to live out your faith freely. The life according to the dictates of your conscience. Yes, even (*ahem*) NFL football players.

This week the State of Minnesota denied a pre-enforcement challenge brought by ADF on behalf of Telescope Media, a videography company. Their clients, Carl and Angel Larsen, want to expand their business to do wedding videography. As devout Christians who believe that marriage is an institution consisting of one man and one woman, they do not wish to celebrate same-sex “marriages.” The Court’s decision is one of the worst of its kind: if you are a Christian who believes in marriage, there is no place for you in the economic marketplace.

ADF is appealing the case. The US Supreme Court introduced incredible confusion about these issues with the Obergefell decision, and they will soon have the opportunity to clarify when they hear ADF’s case, Masterpiece Cake Shop.

So, let’s talk about religious liberty and government power to compel expression or beliefs. Why is our “first liberty” eroding in our society? Why is religious liberty important? What do we risk by losing it? Why should we care?

Let’s also talk about media coverage of these kinds of cases, which is almost always misleading. We are routinely told that people like Baronelle Stutzman, a florist, refused to “serve gay people.” Same with photographers, screen printers, and bakers. Why does the media so willingly report this narrative, and how can we fight back?

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Segment Three: Dead Reckoning Recommends (Brian)


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