DR Radio: The Nashville Statement and The Feinstein Statement

DRR Live on 09/12/17
In this edition of DR Radio, Jay, Brian, and Hadley look at the issues with campus rape reporting policies, the brouhaha surrounding the Nashville Statement, and the controversial and quotable Sen. Feinstein.

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Show Notes

September 12, 2017

Jay’s Introduction

Quick Takes

September 11 Remembrance – Where were you?

Hurricanes – Harvey and Irma made landfall in quick succession, unleashing incredible destruction on Houston and and the Carribean islands. Lots of things get debated when natural disasters occur: are they “natural”? (Climate Change). Don’t we all need to be socialists to give effective aid? (Yes, that was a real meme.)

Wildfires – In vastly underreported news, the State of Montana has essentially burned to the ground in the last month. Over a million acres have been destroyed by costly and destructive wildfires. This also has brought public policy debates. The Billings Gazette argued that climate change is the cause, and if we–I am not kidding–shut down our local coal mine, we wouldn’t have these fires. [What can we do to help?]

Title IX Reform? Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is issuing new federal guidelines on how federal law is to be applied in cases of campus sexual assault. Shock and outrage from the usual quarters, of course. Hadley, tell us more about that.

A Comic Anthology – It’s comical, all right. A collection of comics is being produced celebrating…Planned Parenthood. Now, before you all rush off to order it, please at least listen to the rest of our show first. Heh. Anyway, it celebrates all the wonderful things PP does to liberate women from the shackles we call babies.

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[Game] Fill In the Blank- Back to School

Segment One: The Nashville Statement

Speaking of sexuality and babies, the last few weeks have witnessed quite a skirmish in the evangelical world. The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood released a carefully worded statement on what the Bible teaches about sexuality and gender identity. Signed by over 170 evangelical leaders, “The Nashville Statement,” as it is called, produced howls of outrage from the usual progressive sources, as well as some sharp criticism from some unexpected places.

We thought we should weigh in with some thoughts.

Brian, first off: tell us about the statement. What does it say?

[Convo Questions:
Is this statement needed?
Is this statement adequate?
What do we think of the criticisms?
Is belief about sexuality a gospel matter?
What about the “counter-statement” put out by progressives?]

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[Game] Bablefish: Celebrity Edition

Segment Two: Does the Dogma Live Loudly Within You?

One of the hallmarks of our Republic since the beginning has been a commitment to religious liberty–the freedom to believe and act according to one’s conscience. One of the features of this commitment is enshrined in our Constitution: no one can be prohibited from serving in the federal government because of their religious beliefs.

Last week two long-standing Democrat Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin, decided to dispense with this limitation during the confirmation hearing of (eminently qualified)  7th Circuit judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett. They openly worried that Ms. Barrett would be unable to discharge her duties to the law because she is–gasp–a Roman Catholic. More specifically, she’s a Roman Catholic who actually believes it.

Senator Feinstein brought the money quote, saying to Ms. Barrett: “The Dogma lives loudly within you.”

This entire line of questioning brought quite a bit of outrage, and not just from those on the right side of the aisle. The President of Princeton University wrote a compelling letter to the judiciary committee expressing alarm at this breach of constitutional protocol.

So: what are the implications of this little foray? We already known that one cannot be a Christian and be a CEO (Brendan Eich), be a wedding photographer, florist, or baker. But now… one cannot be a judge? Was this just a matter of time, or simply just where the logic leads?

[Convo Q’s:
What about the law review article the Senators were “concerned” about?
Is there a real conflict between “the Dogma” and the rule of law?]

Segment Three: Dead Reckoning Recommends (Hadley)

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