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Welcome to the Dead Reckoning Radio! In this edition we talk about dictators, namely the death of Fidel Castro, a new report from the CDC about the decline in abortions in the US, and the problem with cities. You can listen to the show using the player or other options below. We also include the show notes in this post for you to follow along or check our sources.

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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the December 6th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I’m your host Jay Friesen joined, thankfully but the incredibly well-spoken Hadley Heath and the ever insightful, Dr. Brian G. Mattson DR Radio is where the three of us intelligently engage with our culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

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Our show! What are we talking about it, let’s see…Fidel Castro is finally dead! There is a God! And speaking of God,  the number of abortions in the United States dropped 20 percent over the last decade. We’ll be looking at these two topics in our show and closing out, I will be bringing up a perceived correlation between urban cultures and the Tower of Babel. Brian will probably set me straight but it should lead to an interesting conversation.

As always we’ll have our games of wit and whimsy coming back from our sponsor breaks. Tonight’s games in fact are Nerd v. Nerd and Let’s Go To the Movies! Holly Jolly Edition- Trivia.

So, let’s get started with a fan question:

Quick Takes

  • Aaron (Facebook) – Hey, guys. Love the show and catch the live stream every time I can. With the deal with Carrier in the news I’d love to hear Brian and Hadley’s thoughts on a related topic: being people who believe in free market economics is there ever an instance where a corporation should not outsource, for example, using child or slave labor in other countries? Keep up the great work!   -Aaron
  • Chip & Jo! – Buzzfeed stayed true to its name last week by creating a buzz: They published an article on Chip and Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” fame. In it, they revealed the horrifying news that Chip and Jo attend a church that believes that homosexuality is sinful!  Is this the new world order? I mean, it’s bad enough that “Are you or have you ever been a Christian” is a legitimate Inquisition. But now we’re adding, “Have you ever listened to one or been to a church?” What do you guys make of this ginned-up “controversy”?
  • That Dragon, Cancer – Directly opposite anti-Christian bigotry, last week video game makers Ryan and Amy Green won the “Games for Impact” award at the gaming industry’s gala The Game Awards. Their game is a pretty unusual one, called “That Dragon, Cancer.” It is an immersive game that explores Ryan and Amy’s experiences with their son, Joel, who lost his struggle with cancer at age 5. The Greens, outspoken Christians, filled the game with deeply moving content about suffering, prayer, grace, and mercy. The game has been an unusual and unqualified success, gaining critical acclaim for its raw honesty and ability to emotionally move participants.

Segment One: Ding Dong, The Dictator’s Dead!

In world news, Cuban “el Presidente Fidel Castro passed away after ruling the island for half a century. Reaction was a polarizing mixture of leftists everywhere praising his accomplishments (most famously, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) while those who either lived under or fled his regime literally danced in the streets.

Why was Fidel Castro so admired by the political left? After all, there is no political liberty in Cuba, no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of religion. Dissidents were routinely imprisoned and killed, and the Cuban people live in extreme poverty. WHAT. IS. THE. ATTRACTION!?

  1. One of the “talking points” is always the stellar healthcare in Cuba. Hadley, care to comment?
  2. Another is the amazing literacy rate of Cubans. Their education system seems amazing! 97% literacy!
  3. We all know Twitter is terrible, but the mere opportunity for something like #Trudeaulogies made the entire platform worth it. Here’s what happened when Prime Minister Trudeau issued his bereaved statement about the loss of Castro, Twitter exploded with the hashtag #Trudeaulogies. People praising otherwise rotten people. Here are some classics:

@JusticeWillett: “Freddie loved the company of children & made sure the dreams of every child on Elm Street came true.”

@andrewklavan: “I extend my heartfelt sympathies to the family of The Joker, a revolutionary who always had a smile on his face.”

@Cleftor: “Today we remember Osama bin Laden, whose work cleared the way for the new Freedom Tower in Manhattan.”

@Albertaardvark: “Kim Jong Il will always be remembered fondly for his leadership and contributions on climate change.”

And on and on it went. A pretty brutal week for Trudeau.

So what should we think of Castro, and what should our nation’s policy be toward nations ruled by people like him?


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[Game] Nerd v. Nerd:

Nerd v Nerd

Panic Drink – The default drink one orders when unfamiliar with the drink options, or not ready to order.  (ex: what would you like? I haven’t even looked at the drink menu… AH! Gin and tonic!)

Segment Two: Good News on the Abortion Front?

The Center for Disease Control recently released a report that the number of abortions in the United States dropped 20 percent over the last decade. The usual suspects from all sides are latching on to this for validation. Pro-life groups attribute it to stricter abortion laws, ultrasound access, and changing opinions about abortion. Others claim it is greater access to birth control, sex education, and so forth. Do you guys have an opinion? What’s causing this drop?

It’s worth pointing out that this decrease coincides with the lowest birth rate overall since 1909! So while it might be good that abortion is decreasing, that doesn’t mean we’re actually having more babies in the aggregate!

With an incoming Presidential Administration that might be more amenable to the pro-life cause, what do you guys hope for when it comes to implementing pro-life policies? That’s kind of a trick question: what do you dream will happen, and what do you think is likely to happen?


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[Game] Let’s Go To The Movies! Holly Jolly Edition

Let's Go To the Movies

  • Characters: Ralphie Parker, Mr. Parker

Movie: A Christmas Movie

  • Characters: Billy, The Conductor

Movie: The Polar Express

  • Characters: John McClane, Hans Gruber

Movie: Die Hard

  • Characters: Buddy, Walter

Movie: Elf

  • Characters: Clark Griswold, Cousin Eddie

Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

  • Characters: Bumble, Yukon Cornelius

Movie: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

  • Characters: Kevin McAllister, Harry Lime

Movie: Home Alone

  • Characters: George Bailey, Clarence

Movie: It’s Wonderful Life

 Segment Three: Expand Your Horizons (Jay) – Are Cities Little Towers of Babel?

If you look at a polling map of the 2016 election by counties you’ll notice that the heavily populated counties, like Cook, Los Angeles, King and others voted democrat. If you look a bit into the past, you’ll see the same. It’s well understood that the democratic platform is built on very liberal social, political and religious beliefs. And those beliefs tend to be, for the most part, anti-Christian.

Great human achievement also tends to come from well-populated areas: entertainment in LA, technology in Silicon Valley, and others. When humans get together en masse they tend to create and do, some pretty great things. I love cities, I love the culture that urban environments create.

However, in all this I notice a correlation to very popular Bible story- the Tower of Babel. While Genesis 11:1-9 is a bit thin on details, we can surmise that the bulk of people on Earth, with the same language settled in the valley of Shinar, or old Mesopotamia or now, modern day Iraq. It’s a HUGE area. They also got the hankering to build them a tower so they wouldn’t be forgotten.

The gathering wasn’t bad, the building wasn’t bad, but the heart behind the building was. So the question I pose is, do these urban centers foster a more increased desire to move away from God? What is it about humans and their desire to, in a sense, become their own gods when they gather in large communities and groups? The fall of man through sin has perverted everything in life, is this a perversion of God’s naturally-established communities of believers gathering to worship God and encourage each other on Sunday mornings?

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