DR Radio: Electionpalooza, Evangelicals, and the Electoral College

Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! In this episode we will be looking at the history making presidential election and the results no one saw coming. We’ll also be looking at whether there will be an evangelical “reckoning” over the votes cast in support of Donal Trump and on Hadley’s Expand Your Horizons we’ll look at why the Electoral College exists.

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Show Notes

Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio. We are Live on Facebook! I’m your host, Jay Friesen joined around this old door-turned-table table by Hadley Heath and Dr. Brian Mattson. DR Radio is where the three of us, mostly the two of them, intelligently discuss those critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

And we have another 5-star rated show for you today! In addition to our Quick Takes, games of wit, Disney Boticelli and Two Truths and a Lie, we’ll be diving into three main topics: Electionpalooza! No, you cannot get away from hearing our overall thoughts on the crazy. Our second segment will be focused discussion on and Evangelical’s response to all this. And after our second and final break, Hadley’s going to Expand Your Horizons with your primer on the electoral college.

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Let’s get started with some…

Quick Takes 

  • Chess Championship Update! Brian, what’s the news out of New York City, where there’s an East v. West clash for the 21st century going on? 
  • New Films! Lots of new stuff coming from Hollywood! Anybody interested in, say, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Doctor Strange, Moana, Fantastic Beasts? And, hey, speaking of beasts, Disney’s new live-action Beauty & the Beast? 
  • Saturday Night Live Eulogizes the Election Saturday Night Live did a “cold” open that sort of eulogized Leonard Cohen (who died this week) by having “Hillary” sing “Hallelujah.” It was… weird. Their sketch with Dave Chappell and Chris Rock at an election night party was better. Did you guys see any of this?

Segment One: ElectionPalooza!

Whoa. Just… Whoa.

Shock and awe in the Unites States of America last week, as businessman Donald J. Trump was resoundingly elected President, defeating former Secretary of State and lifelong Politico Hillary Clinton. In addition, the GOP easily held firm control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Did you guy watch this unfold Tuesday night? And what were you thinking?

There’s been a lot of publicly expressing the various stages of grief this week. Lots of blame-shifting and talk about how it could have gone differently. Was this, as Van Jones put it on CNN, a “whitelash”? Are people just misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and racist? Is it a matter of Hillary just being a terrible candidate? Did the media not hammer Trump enough for his bad character? What in the H.E. Double-hockey sticks happened here?


The GOP’s prospects. They control the executive and legislative branches, and will get a judicial appointment shortly. The Democrats look even bleaker in actual state houses and governorships. What you make of that?

Anybody care to take a guess about what a Trump presidency is actually going to look like? What are its prospects for success or failure? What do YOU PERSONALLY hope for, in terms of actual policy/governing?


[Sponsor] Alliance Defending Freedom: #StandWithBaronelle: Smith 1:03; Blackholm 1:00

[Game] Disney Botecelli

Disney Bottecelli

Segment Two: Evangelicals and Politics: The Way Forward

Though the actual Electoral College result doesn’t show it (it was quite a blowout), this was a very divisive election. How should Christians respond in this context? A number of questions come to mind so we’ll start with this one:

  • Donald Trump has not shown himself to be a man of high character. How do we balance our disappointment with that with our possible pleasure at some of the possibilities (i.e., Supreme Court, ACA, etc.)?
  • There’s a big disparity in evangelical circles between how white evangelicals voted and people of color voted. Will there be some kind of evangelical reckoning?
  • It may be difficult in coming years to not be pressured to A) throw in the towel on conservative Christianity altogether or B) join the club where “Christian” is just a term that modifies “American.” Is there a third way where we can hold to Christian principles and NOT “sell our souls for a bowl of Trump” (Ed Stetzer)?
  • How can we practically help heal the cultural divide, since the divisions are currently at a fever pitch?


[Sponsor] Alliance Defending Freedom: Why The Trinity Lutheran Case Matters 1:41

2 truths and a lie

[Game] Two Truths and a Lie

  • Fact: If you fly directly south from Detroit, you’ll hit the Canadian border.
  • Fact: The state that is closest to Africa is Maine.
  • Lie: Texas is bigger than Pluto. (Russia is larger that Pluto)
  • Fact: Sloths leave their homes once a week to poop.
  • Fact: Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.
  • Lie: Houseflies hum in the key of C. (It’s actually F)
  • Fact: Alaska is both the Easternmost and Westernmost state. (Some AK islands are in the Eastern hemisphere)
  • Fact: North Korea and Norway are separated by one country.
  • Lie: Australia has the world’s longest coastline (Canada has a longer continuous coastline)
  • Fact: The longest war in history had no casualties (the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, which lasted from 1651 to 1986)
  • Fact: During WWII, Japan tied bombs to hydrogen balloons and set them loose for the air current to  float them to the US. (This was called the Fu-Go campaign and one family in OR was killed)
  • Lie: George Washington brewed beer at his home after he stepped down from the presidency. (He ran a whiskey distillery)

Segment Three: Expand Your Horizons (Hadley): An Electoral College Primer

Lots of people are throwing a fit about the electoral college, specifically that the popular vote was in favor of Hillary so she should have won the election. Well, point of fact, it’s happened now four times in the history of the United State and we haven’t changed things. Hadley, why is this system good for everyone?

  • 1824: Andrew Jackson Won Both the Popular Vote and the Electoral College, But John Quincy Adams Still Won the Election. (House chose due to lack of electoral majority)
  • 1876: Samuel J. Tilden (D) Won the Vote but Rutherford B. Hayes (R) Won the Election
  • 1888: Grover Cleveland (D) Won the Vote but Benjamin Harrison (R) Won the Election
  • 2000: Al Gore Won the Vote (D) But George W. Bush (R) Won the Election

From <https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/taxes/government-policy/presidential-candidates-won-popular-vote-lost-election-romney/>


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