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This episode of DR Radio is a special political extravaganza covering just about everything to do with this years election. We talk about the reasons for voting, “throwing away” your vote, the candidates on the top of the ticket, and the nature of down-ballot voting. Note: We experienced some technical difficulties during the first commercial break but the audio *does* correct after a few minutes.

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Show Notes


Good evening everyone and welcome to another episode of Dead Reckoning Radio! This the October 13, 2016 edition. I’m your host Jay Friesen and to my left is the North Carolina native now living in Colorado, Hadley Heath and on her left is non other than the rarely enigmatic, Dr. Brian Mattson.  DR Radio is where the three of us will  intelligently engage with our culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

And we are recording this live on Facebook Welcome to those of you joining us on the livestream and chat. If you happen to be listening to us on our  5-star rated podcast and want to join the live stream next time, jump on our website: www.deadreckoing.tv and sign up for the email list or follow us on one of our social media accounts. I you’re on the live stream and want subscribe to the podcast, well…do the same thing.

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Tonight…is special. I’m not sure we have a great program for you because it looks like it will be entirely politics. Many of our longtime viewers and listeners know that we at Dead Reckoning do not actually like focusing all our attention on politics. However, as the nation moves rapidly toward a cataclysmic election day, we think it appropriate to spend an entire episode talking about nothing but politics. Specifically, three areas: Where do things stand, Is a vote every “thrown away?” and our faith, politics and the long view.

But fear not friends, we will not be without a game of Star Wars trivia in honor of the new Rogue One trailer released today and a round of Not the Onion News. So…having donned our body armor, let’s get started.

Segment One: Where Do Things Stand?

We are now just a few weeks away from Election Day. Just prior to the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the businessman was inching closer in the polls. Events since have derailed, if not reversed, his momentum, the most obvious cause being the release of a video showing Donald Trump using, um, colorful language to describe how he treats beautiful women. This caused quite a defection of many Republican lawmakers, and even calls from supporters to step aside. He steadfastly refuses, vowing to not only fight Hillary Clinton, but his own Republican Party for their disloyalty.

Hadley, Brian: what you make of where things stand? Will they change before election day? Can Donald Trump somehow be victorious? If he isn’t, will Congress change hands?

What do we make of certain Christian leaders standing by Trump even after his bragging about what appears to be sexual assault? They are calling for us to “be forgiving,” saying Hillary and Bill are worse, etc. What say you?


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[Game]: Star Wars Trivia

 Star Wars Trivia

Segment Two: Is a Vote Ever “Thrown Away”?

Is a vote ever “Thrown Away”? Many Christians are wringing their hands. There are obvious reasons why they are not enthusiastic about voting for Donald Trump, and equally obvious reasons why they do not wish to vote for Hillary Clinton. Every election cycle we hear talk of voting “for the lesser of two evils.” What do you think about that philosophy?

It is very common to say that “not voting for Donald is a vote for Hillary.” Do you agree?

Are we obligated to vote for one of the two major party nominees? Is a third-party or write-in vote “thrown away”?



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[Game]: NTON

Not the Onion News

Segment Three: Christianity, Politics, and the Long View

This has been a challenging year for evangelical Christians. Some are calling 2016 the year the “religious right” died. Do you guys agree? What do you think of the divide between #NeverTrumpers and #NeverHillary advocates?

Brian, you’re a theologian: what is your view? Lay it out there! Tell us what you think? Hillary or Trump, and why or why not? And what does it all mean?

Hadley, what do you think will be the aftermath of this election season for the Republican Party? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about its potential for reaching unity?

A final question: what do you think God is teaching the United States of America, if anything?

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