DR Radio: Friendship is Magic

DR Radio Recorded on 12/12/17

What is a good friend? Why are friendships so elusive to us nowadays? In this new and improved version of Dead Reckoning Radio, Hadley, Jay and Brian discuss the topic of friendship.

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Dead Reckoning Radio

Show Notes, December 12, 2017

Resources Consulted:

Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! Today is December 12, 2017 and today’s theme is Friendship. I’m your host Jay Friesen, joined as always by the lovely Hadley Heath Manning and the esteemed, Dr. Brian Mattson. Dead Reckoning is where the three of us sit around a table and discuss topics of pertinent interest in today’s culture. Those include some commentary on current events and deeper dives into life today.

Today’s dive is going to be friendship! We’re going to hear from some stories from our listeners, discuss what shape Biblical friendship takes as well as the challenges that today’s culture and a fallen world present to creating and maintaining lasting friendships.

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[Format Change Discussion]

Quick Takes 

  • Masterpiece Cake Shop – Colorado Baker Jack Phillips got his day in court this week. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in his legal battle after the State sanctioned him for not baking a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple.
  • Alabama Senate Race – Democrat candidate Doug Jones and Republican candidate Roy Moore are neck and neck in today’s special election in Alabama. What is the best-case scenario?
  • Keaton Jones and InstaFame – Whiplash Alert! Keaton Jones’s mother took a video of him crying about bullies at school and posted it on Facebook. It went super viral and he obtained “InstaFame.” It lasted all of five minutes, as people dug around and noticed she’s posted some other disturbing things, like opposition to Black Lives Matter and photos holding a Confederate Flag. Is this a lesson that you shouldn’t seek InstaFame, or is this virtue-signaling gone amok?

Segment One: It’s a Lonely World (The Problem)

  • The disintegration of society. McMansions with Moats.
  • The hyper-sexualizing of relationships=a friendship minefield.
  • Everything is “solo” and customized for the individual: media, entertainment…SEX!
  • Lonliness is fertile ground for a lot of bad behavior: e.g., mass shooters!
  • Where do people find friends? What are the community “centers”? Is the workplace or bar a good place for the cultivation of friendships?


[Sponsor] Alliance Defending Freedom: Center for Academic Freedom Promo: 1:32

[Game] Nerd v Nerd: Sassterhood: “A group of girls who form a group where together, they constantly encourage each other to take no shit from insignificant others that are not worth their time. This is done via group chat or weekly lunches.”

Segment Two: No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends (The Theory)

We were made for community! In the beginning it was “not good that the man should be alone.” The need to express ourselves to another, to share in “give and take,” is hard-wired. Obviously, marriage is front-and-center in Genesis, but it isn’t limited to that. We are inherently social beings.

It is a Trinitarian reflection in creation: persons in community.

In Genesis, sin disrupts community: Adam and Eve, Adam/Eve and Cain, Cain and Abel, etc. God’s plan is to resurrect human society: look at all the “familial” language related to the church!

Churches are becoming just as atomized as the rest of the world. Easy to be an “anonymous” attendee.


[Sponsor] Alliance Defending Freedom: Pastors:  1:17

[Game] “Famous Friends”

  • Synopsis: They are classic children’s characters who are both amphibians. One is curmudgeonly and the other adventurous. (Frog and Toad)
  • Synopsis: 6 friends who live off of each other in NYC. An actor, a chef, a waitress, a sometimes musician, a paleontologist and a guy who works in Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.  (The Friends from Friends. Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, and Joey)
  • Synopsis: This Biblical duo should have been enemies since one is the first son of the king and the other is the one who eventually becomes king instead. (David and Jonathan)
  • Synopsis: In classic literature, these little boys are both orphans and fast friends even though one comes from the rougher side of town and is always getting into trouble whole the other come from a nicer home and has an aunt who takes care of him (Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn)
  • Synopsis: These Historical friends where rivals at first and both professors at Oxford. Both members of the group The Inklings. One was insturmental to the others’ conversion to Christianity. (C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien)

Segment Three: The Friendship Solution (Applied)

What do we practically suggest?

Here’s one: go against the flow and stop being narcissistic. People are drawn to others who are not self-centered. Even introverts are capable of taking an interest in others. Make an effort.

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