DR Radio: Quick Takes, Hot Takes, and Weaponizing Transgender Women

DR Radio 02.28.17

In this edition of Dead Reckoning Radio (DR Radio), we decided to expand our quicktakes into a whole segment and then look at the new horizon of the transgender movement, and we take a moment to recommend a few good reads! To listen in, you can use the player below or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Android. We have included the show notes below so you can follow along and check our sources.

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Show Notes:


DR Radio,  February 28, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the February 28th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I am Jay Friesen joined by Hadley Heath Manning and Dr. Brian G. Mattson – “G” for Gravelly. We are excited to join you live on Facebook during this recording and later this week as you listen to the show on your favorite podcast feed.

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Today’s show is going to cover a lot of ground- everything from the ACA to President Trumps rescinding of Obama’s transgender bathroom rules and by fan request: Dead Reckoning Recommends! An of course, a couple games of wit and whimsey: Not The Onion News and Jesus Juke.

Segment One: Quick(er) Takes

  • And the Winner Is!? Sunday night was the Academy Awards ceremony, and it ended as a fiasco when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong film as the winner of Best Picture! La La Land was–to the shock of many–not Best Picture, and instead the award went to Moonlight. Quite an embarrassing scene of all involved.
  • Something worth talking about: the ratings for the Oscars fell off a cliff. Why? Was there anticipation that the event would be overly politicized? Is middle America just ignoring Hollywood now?
  • RIP, Bill Paxton! Other sad news for Hollywood this week. Popular actor Bill Paxton unexpectedly died from complications during a surgery. He was 61. He was a beloved man, and stood out among his peers for being faithfully married for 30 years. Guys, any favorite Bill Paxton moments?
  • Happy “Retirement,” Tim Keller! This week Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City announced that founding pastor Tim Keller would be stepping down. Not really to retire, but to work full-time in some related Redeemer ministries. The various campuses will sort of dissolve into their own separate churches. Tim’s wife, Kathy, said that this is not a “succession plan,” but rather a plan to “not be a megachurch.” This is a fairly unusual way of doing things. What do we think?
  • CPAC After generating a lot of news and buzz with the invitation and then disinvitation of Milo, the conservative gathering of CPAC went on as scheduled. A few noteworthy things: ultra-racist Richard Spencer showed up, and was prompted escorted out of the building. Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, both members of Donald Trump’s inner circle, and appeared to make nice with each other. (Was that an act?) And Kellyanne Conway re-named CPAC, “TPAC.” Is the Republican Party really now Trump’s party?
    How Trump Split Conservatives Three Ways
  • Washington Sticks it to Grandma! The Washington State Supreme Court overwhelmingly ruled against Baronelle Stutzman, the long-time florist whom the state sued because she declined to participate in a same-sex wedding. Not only is her business, Arlene’s Flowers, in doubt, but she is herself personally liable for damages. Her attorneys (full disclosure: who sponsor this show) promise an appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Let’s take a minute to remind our viewers and listeners about the facts of this case.
  • Hadley, Steamboats, and Healthcare Policy Our viewers may not be aware that among all the various hats our Hadley Heath wears, one is called the “Tony Blankley Fellow” for an organization called the Steamboat Institute. Last week they held a conference, and Hadley, you participating in a conversation about healthcare policy. Can you give us an update on possible repeal of the ACA? It’s looking like it may not happen very easily!

[Sponsor] ADF – Kristin Waggoner Statement, Baronelle Stutzman Decision 2:43

[Game] NTON:

Not the Onion News

Philly man lied about kidnapped child to make police ‘work harder’ to find his stolen car – http://www.philly.com/philly/news/Philly-man-lied-about-kidnapped-child-to-make-police-work-harder-to-find-his-stolen-car-.html (edited)


Florida woman arrested after stabbing self to get out of going to work

Segment Two: Transgender Policy, Again
The political and cultural debate over transgender policy is not going away any time soon, and we should talk about why that is. 1) Is there an epidemic of mistreatment or discrimination against this minuscule minority? Or 2) Has this minority been politically weaponized? Or 3) Something else, or a bit of both?

It arose in the news again this week because President Trump rescinded the Obama-era guidelines that required all schools everywhere allow students to use whichever bathroom or locker room they personally identified with, much to the horror and outrage of the left. Democrat spokesman Zac Petkanis had an astonishing row with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on the issue, and it was must-see TV! Brian, Hadley, did you catch that interview?

Meanwhile, in Texas, a testosterone-filled girl won a wrestling championship. Now, if she had done so just because she wanted to get a competitive edge, she’d be disqualified. But… because she’s doping in order to “become” a boy, her victory is a victory for the ages, to be celebrated and championed by all unto the end of time, written forever in the annals of… okay. You get the point.

After other competitors complained, the girl’s mother explained their motives: “Hate and bigotry.” Um, okay. Hadley and Brian, is THIS what we were talking about by “weaponizing” the transgender issue? Do you think the constant pushing of boundaries will eventually backfire culturally? Will people at some point just say, “No”?

We’ve talked about gender dysphoria before, but maybe we should just review: how should we, as Christians, respond to this relatively new cultural challenge?

Tucker Carlson video

Why is Transgender An Identity But Anorexia a Disorder

[Sponsor] ADF – #ReligiousFreedom, Little Sisters of the Poor

[Sponsor] ADF- #ReligiousFreedom, Grace Youth and Family Foundation

[Game] Jesus Juke: “Did you see the crazy ending to the Oscars on Sunday? What an intense moment!” –

Jesus Juke
Segment Three: Expand Your Horizons – Dead Reckoning Recommends
his week on Expand Your Horizons we’re going to give some recommendations for viewing and reading! We’ll each, in turns, tell you about something you should consume, along with reasons why!

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