11 Ways America is Way More Pro-Life than You Think

Even though the United States has some of the world’s most pro-abortion laws, our country is actually much more pro-life than people realize. Check out these pieces of evidence:

1. Family Feud Nametags

Did you know that popular game show Family Feud puts nametags on the unborn? Pregnant women can be seen sporting two nametags on the show, one for themselves and one for their babies en utero. It’s a person, after all! Silly as this seems, pop culture matters.

Family Feud

2. Fetal Homicide Laws

Various states will prosecute two counts of manslaughter or murder if a pregnant woman is killed. Currently, 38 states have fetal homicide laws.
Feticide Laws

3. Movies with a Pro-life Message

Even though Hollywood is a bastion of liberalism, they know what sells to Middle America, and it’s not movies that celebrate abortion. It’s movies that celebrate life. Everyone knows about Juno, but there’s actually dozens of movies that show the beauty of life, adoption, and restoration, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

4. Medical Resuscitation Guidelines

The medical community has guidelines for when to resuscitate premature babies. Almost universally, American hospitals will make every effort to resuscitate preemies at 24 weeks, regardless of the parents’ wishes. Because it’s considered a viable life (even though abortion is still legal at this gestational age… contradictory, no?).

5. Memorials to Unborn Children

At Ground Zero in New York City, there’s a memorial with the names of all the victims in the World Trade Center. Included in the list? Several nameless unborn children. How strange… we didn’t say, “Mary Beth So-and-so and her clump of cells” or “Mary Beth and her fetus.” But the words are pretty clear:

Unborn Child

6. Caring for Miscarried Remains

Guidelines vary by hospital and by state law, but usually after about the 20th week of pregnancy (even when abortion is still legal), hospitals have to report miscarriages as they would any other death. This includes helping parents care for the remains of their baby.  Miscarriage is a devastating experience. We understand this because we know a life was lost, and many people want to memorialize that life.

7. Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Pace

Praise the Lord! More than 150 abortion clinics have closed nationwide since 2011.  This is, in part, due to a sharp decrease in demand for abortion. Some say this is because of increased contraception use. Whatever the cause, it’s worth celebrating that fewer lives are “terminated” at these clinics.
Shut Out Graphic


8. Warnings about harm to “unborn babies”

Some pharmaceutical companies, like the makers of Entresto, a drug for chronic heart failure, give a warning to women who are pregnant. In their most recent ad, they say, “Women who are pregnant should not take Entresto. It can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.” Hm, so it is a baby, after all! They could have said, “It can result in birth defects or miscarriage,” or “It can result in bad outcomes,” but no, they chose words that viewers can understand. We all know it’s a baby.

9. Celebrating life in popular music

There are plenty of examples of popular songs that celebrate life. One great song is “There Goes My Life,” a country song by Kenny Chesney. The song is about a young man who accidentally gets his girlfriend pregnant. But after keeping the baby, his attitude about their “accident” has changed dramatically. The song goes, “A couple of years of up all night and few thousand diapers later/That mistake he thought he made covers up the refrigerator…” And Chesney isn’t the only celebrity with pro-life views.

10. Pro-Life Messages on TV

Did you see the Super Bowl Doritos ad, where the not-yet-born baby rushes out of the womb to get his/her hands on some delicious chips? It was a funny ad, but pro-choice organizations weren’t laughing. They thought the ad “humanized the fetus.” Um, no, the fetus is human because SCIENCE.

But on a more serious note, one “reality” TV show recently sent a pro-life message (maybe unintentionally). Sadly, one of the “real housewives” of Orange County found out that she lost one of the twins she was carrying. Her pain was evident on the show. Unborn babies are loved before they are born.

11. Supports for Women with Unintended Pregnancies

The United States has a rich network of private, charitable, and/or religious organizations that exist to help women who have unexpected pregnancies. These organizations offer spiritual and emotional support in addition to resources, like medical care, baby items, or financial assistance. If you’re pregnant, or know someone who is, and if you’re interested in finding out more about what these organizations do, visit http://optionline.org to find a pregnancy resource center near you. I found more than 20 in my area! Being pro-life means being pro-mother and pro-baby.

CO Pregnancy Resources

Now put on a smile! Because life is a gift, and Americans are more pro-life than you think!

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